Creative Writing Coming Up!

September 24, 2007

Creative Writing Videoconference Series 
Oct. 17 teacher 4 - 5 pm 
Nov. 7 student I 9:30 am -12 pm 
Dec. 5 student II 9:30 am -12 pm
Teachers, contact me if you are interested in signing up!

Pat’s books

September 18, 2007

Porch LiesTeachers, want to read some Patricia McKissack books before signing up for one of her videoconferences? Here is a small sampling of the diverse books Pat (some her husband Fred) have written over the years:

  •  Flossie and Fox
  • Porch Lies
  • The Dark-Thirty: Southern Tales of the Supernatural
  • Can You Imagine?
  • To Establish Justice (co-authored by Arlene Zarembka)
  • May Dear’s Aprons
  • Mirandy and Brother Wind
  • Ain’t I A Woman? A Biography of Sojourner Truth
  • Christmas in the Big House, Christmas in the Quarters
  • Black Diamond
  • Bugs!

Mrs. McKissack’s Creative Writing series begins in October. Teachers, if you are interested in having your students participate in the three-part videoconference, contact Rebecca Polityka at 314-692-1274.  Here’s the breakdown  of the program:

  • First, Mrs. McKissack meets over videoconference with the teachers, usually after school, to discuss what will happen during the actual author visit.
  • Second, Ms. McKissack meets with the students over videoconference and conducts the pre-arranged lesson.
  • Third, Mrs. McKissack meets again with the students over videoconference to give them feedback about what they have written in response to their assignment.
Primary grades (1-3): 

  • the writing process
  • how an author writes a story
  • coming up with ideas
  • drafting a story, revising
  • coming up with a title
  • beginnings, middles, and endings
  • the publishing process
  • rhyming schemes

Intermediate grades (4-6); all of the above plus:

  • character development
  • researching for writing
  • types of genres in writing (biography, fiction and non-fiction, diary format, etc.)
  • plot development
  • descriptive writing

Middle and High School 

  • In depth coverage of the above topics plus any other topics that teachers might want covered
  • Supplemental books by Patricia McKissack would be at a higher reading level