Upcoming Creative Writing Workshops

September 17, 2007

Mrs. McKissack’s Creative Writing series begins in October. Teachers, if you are interested in having your students participate in the three-part videoconference, contact Rebecca Polityka at 314-692-1274.  Here’s the breakdown  of the program:

  • First, Mrs. McKissack meets over videoconference with the teachers, usually after school, to discuss what will happen during the actual author visit.
  • Second, Ms. McKissack meets with the students over videoconference and conducts the pre-arranged lesson.
  • Third, Mrs. McKissack meets again with the students over videoconference to give them feedback about what they have written in response to their assignment.
Primary grades (1-3): 

  • the writing process
  • how an author writes a story
  • coming up with ideas
  • drafting a story, revising
  • coming up with a title
  • beginnings, middles, and endings
  • the publishing process
  • rhyming schemes

Intermediate grades (4-6); all of the above plus:

  • character development
  • researching for writing
  • types of genres in writing (biography, fiction and non-fiction, diary format, etc.)
  • plot development
  • descriptive writing

Middle and High School 

  • In depth coverage of the above topics plus any other topics that teachers might want covered
  • Supplemental books by Patricia McKissack would be at a higher reading level

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