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January 25, 2008

This is the blog for the student writers’ workshop with published author, Patricia McKissack‘Author Visit’ videoconferences with New Links to New Learning allow students to gain valuable information about the writing process and how real authors work to create and publish their work.  After having worked with videoconferencing in education for several years and participating in thousands of actual videoconferences, we at New Links to New Learning have come up with a model that seems to work well to integrate this new technology into the existing curriculums of schools. Students who interact over a videoconference with the author are invited to read her blog to learn what inspires her to write, how she researches, creates and revises.


One Response to “thanks for visiting! come learn more…”

  1. joan bodefeld said

    Patricia McKissack, I am writing a book about a gentleman who was raised by his aunt Martha Brown. The Tennessee State Library was named after Martha. I have been doing research to include in my book and came across your name while searching Greenwood Cemetery.My book gives some reference to the Anderson and McKissack families that are buried at Greenwood My book is about a decendant of Moses Mckissack It’s been a pleasure reading of your accomplishments.I only pray my book will be successful, as a first writer I am in awe of authors.

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