making an impression!

February 27, 2008

 This snowy St. Louis morning Patricia McKissack connected to Howitt  Middle School in New York for her   first videoconference with the students.  She will be talking to them about Historical Fiction/ Biography Writing over the course of two videoconferences.  Since Pat introduced herself to the students in this session, she included many of her books- here are a couple of snapshots of them on a table!  Titles on the table included  Flossie and the Fox, Porch Lies, and Messy Bessie books.  The students were very attentive and took lots of notes as she spoke about writing and her subjects.  In her second videoconference, the students will be able to share their work with Pat and get her her feedback.  Can’t wait to hear how it goes!img_0790.jpg

student civil rights projects

February 15, 2008

photos and project description from Rockwood South Middle School:
(photos and text by Janet Griffard) 

Here are pictures from our first videoconference held Feb., 13, with Jill Proehl’s 7th grade communication arts students. Thank you Jill and CSD.   

Mrs. Proehl is using ‘this opportunity to have her kids seek advice on a civil rights research project …’

Students will be researching controversial civil rights issues, both for and against, and then presenting at the next v/c on March 12th.  
            1. Should a wall be built between Mexico and U.S.?
            2. Should driving age be raised to age 18?
            3. Should people be profiled by their names, as in middle eastern names?
            4. Should electronic eavesdropping be allowed?

To Establish Justice: Videoconference II
Pat & Arlene 

Pat    Arlene  

Pat                            Arlene 

Pat McKissack and Arlene Zarembka introduced themselves to the students today over videoconference. Both authors gave a little of their respective backgrounds and then discussed how they came to co-author To Establish Justice, and spoke the issues within the book.  Pat and Arlene talked about the Supreme Court and its judges and some of their rulings (like ‘separate but equal’). During part of the program, Pat read statements and asked the students to tell her if the statement was a fact, or an opinion.  It will be interesting to hear about the project the students will be assigned…


 Cooperating School Districts’ New Links to New Learning is excited that Weldon E. Howitt Middle School in Farmingdale, NY, is participating in Historical Fiction/Biography Writing with Patricia McKissack starting Wednesday.  Wednesday is the teacher meeting, and the last two videoconferences are with students; those will be February 27 and March 12. Weldon E. Howitt Middle School, if you have questions for Mrs. McKissack, submit them here!