student civil rights projects

February 15, 2008

photos and project description from Rockwood South Middle School:
(photos and text by Janet Griffard) 

Here are pictures from our first videoconference held Feb., 13, with Jill Proehl’s 7th grade communication arts students. Thank you Jill and CSD.   

Mrs. Proehl is using ‘this opportunity to have her kids seek advice on a civil rights research project …’

Students will be researching controversial civil rights issues, both for and against, and then presenting at the next v/c on March 12th.  
            1. Should a wall be built between Mexico and U.S.?
            2. Should driving age be raised to age 18?
            3. Should people be profiled by their names, as in middle eastern names?
            4. Should electronic eavesdropping be allowed?


5 Responses to “student civil rights projects”

  1. Arlene Zarembka said

    I was impressed by the class and the preparation that Mrs. Proehl has put into the project. I look forward to the March debates! (And am looking forward to learning to use this blog, and the Wikispace that Mrs. Proehl has set up.!)

    Arlene Zarembka

  2. Arlene Zarembka said

    For those students working on the teen driving issue, check out the front page article today (Feb. 28) on Teen Driving in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

    Arlene Zarembka

  3. Rebecca said

    For those of you not in St. Louis, I believe this is the article Arlene is referencing:

    Thanks for sharing~

  4. Pat McKissack said

    I enjoyed our first session with Rockwood South Middle school students. I, too, am looking forward to sharing your debates. Did you watch the recent Clinton/Obama debates? What’d you think? Did knowing facts vs. opinions help you listen better? How often did the candidates speak opinions as if they were facts? Just something to think about. See you soon.

  5. Rebecca said

    Teacher feedback from February 13, 2008 Civil Rights debate videoconference between Arlene Zarembka, attorney, and author Patricia McKissack:

    Thanks for this opportunity to finally set up a videoconference.

    The kids were really excited to hear about an opportunity to do this; but I think they had something different in mind.

    1. Even though I thought we had communicated to you all about our time constraint, somehow that didn’t get through, so we seemed to run out of time.
    2. The kids were frustrated because they didn’t get to talk because of that time constraint.
    3. I thought the students were to have read the material before the videoconference, so I had them do that in a very short amount of time (1 week!). A lot of the videoconference was a “sit and get” opportunity, which they didn’t appreciate.
    4. While challenging and weighty enough, sitting through that much information is probably more suited to high schoolers than middle schoolers, and especially gifted ones at that. They needed to be more kinesthetically involved – chunking the reading perhaps in advance, and then sharing out in groups and interacting with the author and attorney.

    This was a very powerful assignment and opportunity – it was just not interactive enough for my classes, but I think some grouping strategies could have been used to have more of a discussion with the author and attorney.

    But thanks again for providing this great opportunity for the gifted 7th grade students at RSMS.

    Mrs. Jillian Proehl
    Team 7 Yellow Language Arts & Academic Stretch
    Rockwood South Middle School

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