making an impression!

February 27, 2008

 This snowy St. Louis morning Patricia McKissack connected to Howitt  Middle School in New York for her   first videoconference with the students.  She will be talking to them about Historical Fiction/ Biography Writing over the course of two videoconferences.  Since Pat introduced herself to the students in this session, she included many of her books- here are a couple of snapshots of them on a table!  Titles on the table included  Flossie and the Fox, Porch Lies, and Messy Bessie books.  The students were very attentive and took lots of notes as she spoke about writing and her subjects.  In her second videoconference, the students will be able to share their work with Pat and get her her feedback.  Can’t wait to hear how it goes!img_0790.jpg


5 Responses to “making an impression!”

  1. Howitt Middle School said

    We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs. McKissack, again, for providing us with the wonderful experience of meeting her through the video-conference. As sixth grade students at Howitt Middle School in Farmingdale, New York, we are grateful for being able to have met a well-accomplished, published author.
    As a result of the video-conference, we have been inspired to write Historical Fiction pieces. We are excited to write our “diaries” and have been researching various time periods, places, historical events and people. We now have a new appreciation for the Historical Fiction genre and the extent of the research involved.
    Two quotes will resonate with us as we journey through life….
    “Writing is mostly rewriting” has been on our “Quote of the Day” board since the conference. We will remember this quote for our future writing pieces and novels, when we become published authors as well.
    “Put meat on the bones” made us realize the importance of adding a “story” to facts in order to ensure our writing is interesting and transports the reader into the time period.
    We look forward to our next video-conference with Mrs. McKissack, where we will have the opportunity to share our “diaries”. We plan on using her tips to improve our writing styles. We hope to make her proud of our work, as we are of hers.

    Thank you,
    Howitt Middle School- Class 701-Melissa, Chris, Niamh, Curtis, Elizabeth, Josh, Thomas, David, Minhal, Connor, Ellyn, Alex, Jasmine, Cecilia, Kyle, Jen, Steven, Tom, Tim, Elijah, Saurabh, Matt, Steven and Mrs. D’Alia

  2. Rebecca said

    Mrs. D’Alia & class,

    Thanks for sharing your project ideas! Can’t wait to hear about your fiction…


  3. Pat McKissack said


    It was my pleasure to work with you– sharing the stories behind the books. Historical fiction and non-fiction are enjoyable to write. I hope your experiences will be equally as satisfying. Looking forward to our next videoconference.
    Pat McKissack

  4. Steven Lensky said

    Hi Patricia McKissack

    I am working really hard on the diary. I just went to a library to gather information. I am really looking forward to writing a diary once I have all my information. I think it will give us good practice for writing in our authors books. I also had fun at the video-conference. At first I wasn’t really good at writing and didn’t have much interest in writing, but I think this assignment will make my writing skills advanced. Thanks Patricia!

    Steven at Howitt Middle School

  5. Rebecca said

    Steven, thanks for taking the time to do some extra writing and posting to the blog… 🙂

    Can’t wait to hear about your story!

    Cooperating School Districts
    St. Louis, Missouri

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