Students, teachers, parents! Need something to read this summer?

Here’s a list of books, compiled by the McKissacks (and written by them!) that you might like to try! Enjoy!

BOOKS by Patricia and Fredrick McKissack 

Picture Books (ages 3-10)
The Honest-To-Goodness Truth
Goin’s Someplace Special
Precious and the Boo Hag

Short Story Collections (10-up)
The Dark-Thirty: Southern Tales of the Supernatural  
Porch Lies: Tales of Humor and Exaggeration

Middle Grade Novels (8-12)
Run Away Home
Friendship for Today
Dear America Series
     A Picture of Freedom–the Diary of Clotee a Slave Girl 1859
     Color Me Dark–the Diary of Nellie Lee Love, 1919
     Look to the Hills- during the French and Indian War

Chapter Books (8-11)
Scraps of time Series
     Abby Takes a Stand
     Away West 
     A Song for Harlem
Miami Series
     Miami Gets It Straight 
     Miami Makes the Play
     Miami Sees It Through


the end….?

May 16, 2008

After your videoconferences with author Patricia McKissack, here’s some follow-up work you can do with your class:
  • Go over the assignment with the students.
  • Review what happened during the videoconference with the students and ask them to explain what they learned and how they will make use of it in their work.
  • Collect student projects and evaluate them.
  • Try to schedule another videoconference with the presenter so that students can share their projects and get valuable feedback.
  • If another videoconference with the presenter is not possible, and you were one of several connecting schools, see if you can schedule a videoconference with the other participating sites to share student work.  Do you have another great follow-up idea? Please share!