Summer Book Recommendations

May 23, 2008

Students, teachers, parents! Need something to read this summer?

Here’s a list of books, compiled by the McKissacks (and written by them!) that you might like to try! Enjoy!

BOOKS by Patricia and Fredrick McKissack 

Picture Books (ages 3-10)
The Honest-To-Goodness Truth
Goin’s Someplace Special
Precious and the Boo Hag

Short Story Collections (10-up)
The Dark-Thirty: Southern Tales of the Supernatural  
Porch Lies: Tales of Humor and Exaggeration

Middle Grade Novels (8-12)
Run Away Home
Friendship for Today
Dear America Series
     A Picture of Freedom–the Diary of Clotee a Slave Girl 1859
     Color Me Dark–the Diary of Nellie Lee Love, 1919
     Look to the Hills- during the French and Indian War

Chapter Books (8-11)
Scraps of time Series
     Abby Takes a Stand
     Away West 
     A Song for Harlem
Miami Series
     Miami Gets It Straight 
     Miami Makes the Play
     Miami Sees It Through


One Response to “Summer Book Recommendations”

  1. […] chance to check it out, I encourage you take a moment and click over. Last summer, we even shared a summer reading list as recommended by Pat and her husband (and sometimes co-author), […]

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