2008-2009 Creative Writing Dates Set!

June 12, 2008

We’ve set up Pat McKissack’s Creative Writing dates for the upcoming school year. Pat does a three part series: the first v/c is with the participating teachers, to discuss goals and themes. The second & third v/c are with the students, where they talk with Pat about all there is to being an author. They learn the methods she uses when writing fiction. In the third v/c, students share their work with Pat and she provides a critique of the writing. The goal of the project is to introduce students to the process that authors use to write a book and to engage them in writing activities themselves that mirror this process. 

We’re excited to announce Pat will be offering Creative Writing twice during the 2008-09 school year! Remember that Pat videoconferences live from St. Louis, Missouri, so all times listed are central- standard or daylight, depending on the time of year:

Fall dates/times:                              Spring dates/times:
November 11, 4 pm                   February 24, 4 pm 
November 25, 1 or 2 pm           March 3, 9:30 or 11 am 
December 16, 1 or 2 pm           March 17, 9:30 or 11 am

Teachers select one time slot and use it for both sessions. Fall dates are grouped together, spring dates are grouped together. No mixing ‘n matching, please! Also, we limit each videoconference time slot to three schools, with no more than 30 kids at each site. If there are a variety of grade levels interested, we group accordingly. A former teacher, Pat works with elementary through high school students. This is an interactive writing series.

This school year marks Pat’s 10th anniversary of videoconferencing with New Links to New Learning and Cooperating School Districts! We hope you can join us as we start this new chapter! To sign up for the videoconference series, and to find out about pricing and connections, contact Rebecca Morrison at Cooperating School Districts.


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