2008 Winter Holidays Around the World Workshop

June 16, 2008

 Winter Holidays Around  the World dates have  been set:
 Teacher Session: November  4, 2008 @  4 pm CT
 Student Session I:  November  25, 2008 @  9:30  or 11 am CT
 Student Session II:  December  16, 2008 @  9:30  or 11 am CT

 Students in past  videoconference connections  have written about several  winter holidays, including (but  not limited to) Chinese New  Year, Ramadan, and Kwanzaa. 

Award winning author Patricia McKissack shares with students her expertise when in comes to writing, and tells participants about her holiday book, Christmas in the Big House, Christmas in the Quarters. This illustrated book, for children ages nine and up, compares the preparations between the plantation mansion and the slave quarters leading up to Christmas celebrations.

During the first videoconference, Pat will talk with the participating teachers about what they are doing in class and how this videoconference relates to their curriculum. In the second and third videoconferences, Pat interacts directly with the students. In the final connection, students will have an opportunity to share their work with their peers and Pat. Pat offers her praise and critique of the work, though often encouraging students to revise and rewrite! 

To have your class sign up for this interactive videoconference series, contact Rebecca Morrison at Cooperating School Districts to learn about costs and expectations. Each videoconference should have no more than 30 students per class, and we never connect more than three schools at one time. Pat works with students of all ages, but we work to schedule to make sure the right groups are working together (a second grade class would never work with a seventh grade class, for instance). We hope to see you this holiday session!


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