McKissack Meets with Ritenour students

February 5, 2009

Pat listensPat reactsPat on screenPat smiles

Today Pat McKissack had the pleasure of hearing the written work of Cynthia Kammien’s students. Here are a few snapshots of the videoconference. Later this month, she’ll work with another group from the Ritenour School District on their Creative Writing.


2 Responses to “McKissack Meets with Ritenour students”

  1. Cindy Kammien said

    Mrs. McKissack:

    My students and I enjoyed meeting with you for our 2nd visit yesterday. We greatly appreciate you sharing your time, constructive criticism, knowledge, enthusiasm and obvious joy of teaching! Your enthusiasm is contagious! My students get so tickled at your ability to joke with them and laugh at yourself. đŸ™‚ You have inspired us, truly! They have been searching for your chapter books and research books, and they have been devouring them. When they find one of your books in the library or on the Book Mobile, they come back beaming and eager to share with me and their classmates. Thanks so much for helping me create that. Most of my kiddos came in telling me they hated reading and writing, so I was DETERMINED to change their minds, and you have helped me accomplish my ultimate goal for the year. So, I can’t thank you enough!



  2. Pat McKissack said

    Hello Ritenour,
    Just a note to tell you how much I enjoyed hearing your stories–fiction, non-fiction, and “faction.” I feel you have a good grasp of creating a beginning, middle and end and tying all the elements together to tell a good story. You used strong descriptive words–adjectives and adverbs, action words–verbs, and words that touch our emotions. I was very impressed with your development of good characters, setting, action and idea. Very well done! I look forward to reading your stories and seeing the artwork. Keep up the good work.

    By all means take your time to polish the manuscript you’ve written, then send to me when you are ready.

    Thanks for the opportunity to work with you.

    Patricia C. McKissack

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