RoundTrips Videoconference -The St. Louis Black Rep Presents: Porch Lies

March 19, 2009

Porch Lies Book Cover ArtworkA few days ago, I mentioned the Black Rep does a stage production of Pat’s book, Porch Lies. Our friends at RoundTrips are producing a videoconference on that play! Here’s more information on the distance learning program, which takes place next month:

As part of its continuing collaboration with HEC-TV Live!, RoundTrips is very pleased to announce a new, free videoconference with the St. Louis Black Repertory Company.  Explore the world of theatre, ask questions of actors, directors and designers, and see live excerpts from the Black Rep’s touring productions of Porch Lies.

The Black Rep Presents: Porch Lies
Date: April 14, 2009
Time: 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. Central Daylight Time
Grade Level: Grades 2-6

About the Videoconference: Join RoundTrips and HEC-TV Live! from the rehearsal space of the St. Louis Black Repertory Company to enjoy excerpts from their touring performance of Porch Lies, adapted by Linda Kennedy from Patricia McKissick’s endearing book. Meet the actors and director who bring the story to life. View a performance of scenes from the show. Ask your questions of what it means to “act a part.” How do the actors prepare? How do they create a character? What does the director do? What’s it like to stage a touring production in a variety of different places? Participants will meet actors, director, and designers to discuss how the show came to life from the first phase of design to the final phase of implementation. Ask your questions of actors, directors and designers who are part of America’s largest professional African-American theatre company.

About the Play: Side-splittingly funny, spine-chillingly spooky, this sequel to a Newberry Honor-winning anthology is filled with bad characters who know how to charm. It takes us back to McKissick’s own childhood when she would listen to stories told on her front porch. . . to the captivating introductions to each tale, in which the storyteller introduces himself and sets the stage for what follows. . . to the ten entertaining tales. In “The Best Lie Ever Told,” meet Dooley Hunter, a trickster who spins an enormous whopper at the State Liar’s Contest. In “Aunt Gran and the Outlaws,” watch a little old lady slickster outsmart Frank and Jesse James. And in “Cake Norris Lives On,” meet a man some folks believe may have died up to twenty-seven different times!



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