IMG_0845New Links to New Learning and Patricia McKissack are excited to announce two new programs to her videoconference offerings!

In addition to her three part writing series and story hour sessions, Pat will be offering “talk shop” videoconferences on historical fiction and science fiction. These one hour programs are for middle school and high school students, and will be available upon request. During the videoconference, Pat will talk with students on the ins-and-outs of writing either historical fiction or science fiction.

Where does the writer start? What kind of brainstorming techniques does she find most useful? How does Pat research for her books?

These questions, plus more, will be discussed between author and students. Patricia McKissack is the author of over one hundred books, many historical fiction. Her newest book, due out in January 2010, is her first science fiction novel. To see all of the 2009-2010 McKissack videoconferences, visit the New Links to New Learning website. This videoconference is $200 for New Links to New Learning members and $250 for nonmembers.


Author Visit Podcasts!

August 19, 2009

To listen to Patricia McKissack’s newest podcast, click on the photo below!

McKissack Podcast

Pat McKissack prepares to readIn this new podcast, enjoy a sneak peak of acclaimed author Patricia McKissack’s new science fiction novel, Clone Codes.

Patricia is a New Links to New Learning content provider; she’s been conducting interactive videoconferences with K-12 students for over ten years from Cooperating School Districts.

This year, in addition to her three-part writing series, she’s adding three, 60 minute story hours for elementary students, and two Talk Shop programs on either historical fiction or science fiction, for middle school and high school students. (More details will come later on the secondary school programs!)

To read more about Patricia and what she offers students and teachers, please scroll through this blog.