Patricia McKissack Podcast: Clone Codes

August 13, 2009

Pat McKissack prepares to readIn this new podcast, enjoy a sneak peak of acclaimed author Patricia McKissack’s new science fiction novel, Clone Codes.

Patricia is a New Links to New Learning content provider; she’s been conducting interactive videoconferences with K-12 students for over ten years from Cooperating School Districts.

This year, in addition to her three-part writing series, she’s adding three, 60 minute story hours for elementary students, and two Talk Shop programs on either historical fiction or science fiction, for middle school and high school students. (More details will come later on the secondary school programs!)

To read more about Patricia and what she offers students and teachers, please scroll through this blog.


2 Responses to “Patricia McKissack Podcast: Clone Codes”

  1. Linda Walters said

    When is Clone Codes #3 coming out??? My 12-year-old daughter, who had been in a reading recovery program, has really enjoyed this series. She is motivated and enthusiastic to read. THANK YOU!!!
    Linda Walters
    St. Louis, MO

  2. Patricia McKissack said

    Thanks for your response to our sci-fi trilogy. It was fun to write, but it’s also enjoyable hearing from a reader. The third book in the series is titled
    “The O.” And it will be published in the winter of 2012 by Scholastic, Inc. We hope your daughter likes it as much as she has the first two books.

    Patricia Mckissack

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