2010 Winter Holidays Around the World with Patricia McKissack and Cooperating School Districts

October 19, 2010

St. Louis author and storyteller Patricia McKissack teaches students how to write.

During hands-on and highly interactive sessions, students discuss plot, themes, character development and more. In a series of three videoconferences, Ms.McKissack customizes for any grade level and any part of the writing process. In the first videoconference, the author meets with the teachers to discuss the goals of the author visit and refers them to the book she will be discussing, Christmas in the Big House, Christmas in the Quarters. In the second vc, the author dialogs with students, discussing winter holiday traditions and how she wrote her book about Christmas on a Virginia plantation in 1859. In the third videoconference, she gives feedback to students about the writing and illustrations the students have done.

In the first videoconference with students, Ms. McKissack introduces herself and gives a brief biographical background including how she came to be a writer. Then, she goes into a lesson, which focuses on how to do research and then write a fictional story that contains facts that you have researched. Time is left for questions and answers from the students. The author then makes a writing assignment to the students. She tells them to research various winter holidays such as Chanukah, Ramadan, Chinese New Year, Christmas, or winter solstice, and then write a story about the holiday that they have researched. When they get back together in the last videoconference, she gives them feedback about their writing and the illustrations they have created to go with their stories.

The cost of this excellent three-part writing series is $650 for New Links members and $750 for nonmembers. Questions, or to register: rmorrison@csd.org.

Set dates and times:

• Teacher session is November 10 at 4 o’clock CT.
• First student session is November 17 at 11 o’clock CT.
• Final student session is December 8 at 11 o’clock CT.


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