The next addition of Patricia McKissack’s Clone Codes was released in February 2011! In the first book of the trilogy that came out last year, “cyborgs and clones are treated no better than slaves, and an underground abolitionist movement is fighting for freedom.”

Clone Codes, The #2: Cyborg tells the story of Houston, a cyborg in the year 2130, and how he is considered less than human. Co-written with her husband Fred and her son John, “The Clone Codes sci-fi adventure trilogy continues with this [second] book that blends a futuristic society with pivotal moments in world history.”

Both Clone Codes books will be discussed in Pat’s upcoming Science Fiction-Creative Writing three-part videoconference series. (See previous posts). To register for any of Patricia McKissack’s interactive K-12 videoconferences, contact Cooperating School Districts.


Patricia McKissack’s Creative Writing Workshop – this year focusing on Science Fiction – starts April 15! To participate in this great videoconference series, you must register with Cooperating School Districts by April 1. For details on this videoconference series, scroll down! We hope to see you there.

Flickr Creative Commons - dino_olivieriFor over 10 years, acclaimed St. Louis author Patricia McKissack has taught students the writing process over videoconference. During hands-on & highly interactive sessions, students discuss plot, themes, character development and more. In a series of three videoconferences, Mrs. McKissack customizes for any grade level and any part of the writing process. In the first v/c, the author meets with the teachers to discuss the goals of the author visit and what books they would like her to present. In the second, the author dialogs with students, and in the third v/c she gives feedback on the writing & illustrations they have done.

This year, we’re excited to announce a new take on a favorite offering: Creative WritingScience Fiction. This videoconference is open for 4th-12th grade students; if both elementary and high school teachers respond, we’ll most likely add another time to split the groups up. For 2009-2010, Science Fiction will be offered:

Teacher Session: Thursday, April 15, 2010 @  4 pm CT
Student Session I:  Thursday, April 29, 2010 @ 11 am CT
Student Session II:  Thursday, May 12, 2010 @ 11 am CT

Cost for the series of 3 v/c is $650 for New Links members; non-members $750. Please register by April 1.

CSD vc Today Patricia McKissack’s videoconference with Wyland Elementary had monsters! Leprechauns!

The students in Stacey Wilson’s class took turns sharing their work with Mrs. McKissack, and she offered feedback and praise on the writing. Being that we connected on March 17, it was only appropriate a guy dressed in green- a leprechaun if you will- pop into class and visit the kids during the videoconference. That was only a momentary distraction, and the kids got back on target right away. This program wrapped up the three part series. After the students have revised their work, they will share the final product with Mrs. McKissack.

Connecting tomorrow

March 16, 2009


Mrs. McKissack presents to Wyland Elementary students

Tomorrow St. Louis author Patricia McKissack will have her third New Links to New Learning videoconference connection with Stacy Wilson’s students at Wyland Elementary. Stacy reports the creative writing is going well: “They are doing a great job with it. I am going to have all of the students make a class book with their writing.” We’re looking forward to reading it!

This videoconference series wraps up Pat’s 2008-09 schedule.

Rules of Writing

March 5, 2009

Patricia McKissack Patricia McKissack

Award winning author Patricia McKissack connected to students at Wyland Elementary today over videoconference to introduce herself and her work to them. The theme of the series is Creative Writing. She discussed different genres of writing with the students, and talked about one of her books, The Dark-Thirty (check out our post a couple down from this one to learn more about it). Pat then went over some monster rules, like the covers rule- you are safe under your covers, the monsters can’t you get then- but watch out if your arm comes out from under your covers, because a monster can grab you then and take you under the bed, never to be seen from again. She also shared that while she has never published a science fiction novel, she’s working on one now.

What will the students write about? We’ll let you know…

Creative Writing Kick Off

February 25, 2009

Yesterday was author Pat McKissack‘s first meeting with Stacey Wilson, a 4th grade teacher at Wyland Elementary in the Ritenour School District. Pat will be meeting with Stacey’s class twice in March over interactive videoconference to discuss collaboration, creative writing, and publishing.

February 24, 2009

Snow Melt  by VicWJ on FlickrRemember that Pat McKissack will be offering the second of two Creative Writing videoconference series during the 2008-09 school year later this month! She videoconferences live from St. Louis, Missouri, so all times listed are central- standard or daylight, depending on the time of year. Please register no later than 1 week before first session. For New Links to New Learning members, the fee is $650, for nonmembers, $750. And actually, prices have just been cut by 20%! Sign up today!

To read more about this interactive videoconference series, visit:

Spring dates/times: February 24, 4 pm March 3, 9:30 or 11 am March 17, 9:30 or 11 am CST!

creative classroom connection

November 21, 2008

Menlo Students FlickrWhat will the students come up with? Next week is the first session of Patricia McKissack’s Creative Writing series where the author and participating students interact with one another over videoconference. The students received a copy of Pat’s new book, Stitchin’ and Pullin’ so I’m sure that will be a topic of discussion!
Menlo Students FlickrDuring this session, Pat will talk to the students about becoming and author and the work that goes into creating quality stories. Based on her previous dicussion with their teacher, she’ll assign the students a writing exercise that they are to complete by the final videoconference, which will be December 16- allowing them plenty of time to work. In the final videoconference, the kids will share their work with Pat and their peers, waiting to hear feedback.

(photos by Menlo School at found at Flickr’s Creative Commons)

by Menlo School (Flickr)

Tomorrow is the first session Pat McKissack will have with Marvin Elementary of the Ritenour School District. Topic: Creative Writing! I’m looking forward to hearing what kind of stories the participating students write. To see past student work, click here.