Honest to Goodness Truth After promising never to lie, Libby learns that it’s not always necessary to blurt out the whole truth either… The Honest-to-Goodness Truth is another book from Patricia McKissack’s library. Published December 2002 by Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing Group, this book (illustrated by Giselle Potter) tells the story of a little girl named Libby.

“When Libby gets in trouble for lying to her mother, she resolves to start telling only the truth. She begins by letting everyone know that her best friend, Ruthie Mae, has a hole in her sock. Then she tells the teacher that Willie hasn’t done his homework. Now it seems like everyone’s mad at her, and Libby can’t figure out what she’s done wrong. Children will sympathize with Libby as she struggles to figure out that while telling a lie is always wrong, there’s a right and a wrong way to tell the truth.”

From Children’s Literature:
Libby “was surprised at how easy the lie slid out of her mouth, like it was greased with warm butter.” Libby is caught not telling the truth and her Mama punishes her. From that day on, Libby vows “From now on, only the truth…” Unfortunately, as Libby soon learns, the truth can sometimes be hurtful and she ends up alienating her best friend, classmates and her favorite neighbor Miz Tusselbury. The humorous illustrations have a folk-art quality, and they make this lesson for young kids quite palatable. Libby and other young readers will get a better understanding of just how and when one should say truthful things, while never losing sight that “the honest-to-goodness truth is never wrong.”